Focused Tools

  • TESTIA-CladTool


    Fast and cost-effective go / no-go clad diagnosis for any technician available on-site

    Clad Tool is a Go/no-Go tool for instant detection of clad layer after blending-out corrosion or scratches.

    The CladTool is referenced in NTM procedure NTM 51-10-30


  • TESTIA-ThicknessTool


    20 times faster and accurate thickness mapping of blended-out areas

    Thickness Tool is a PAUT device + 32 elements Roller probe + acquisition, analysis and reporting software for super quick thickness measurement.

  • TESTIA-DlamTool


    Ultra-fast and easy go/no-go composite panels delamination assessment by any member of your team

    D-Lam Tool is a small, portable ultrasonic phased-array (32 sensors) go/no-go device for easy preliminary analysis of delamination on multilayered composite panels (CFRP/GFRP).

  • TESTIA-moireview


    2-in-1 tool for dents evaluation from 50 μm either in direct read or high-precision mode enabling fast and accurate decision-making

    MoiréView is a Moiré effect based device for direct-read optical measurement of dents from 50 μm to 4 mm and data post-treatment software for analysis and reporting.

  • TESTIA-LineView


    Cost-effective easy-to-use device for quick and accurate gaps / flushes inspections above 1mm

    Line View is an optical high-definition laser profilometer, for quick evaluation and measurement of gaps and flushes. It helps your team to perform quicker surface inspections. The tool is designed to be operated with minimal training, allowing operators to take full advantage of inspection time to obtain results and make decisions.

  • TESTIA-scratchview


    Cost-effective easy-to-use device for quick and accurate scratches measurements above 0.03 mm

    Scratch View is an optical high-definition laser profilometer, for quick evaluation and measurement of very small defects. Teammate of Line View for wide coverage from 0.03 mm up to 7 mm damages.

    Referenced on Airbus A320 NTM 53-00-01-220-802-A01

  • TESTIA-gecko


    Direct, quick and reliable characterization of defects on vertical honeycomb repaired structures for assuring structural safety

    Gecko is an active thermography portable device with halogen lamp and infra-red camera specialized on vertical honeycomb panels inspection.

    Referenced on NTM 55-40-02 & 55-40-50-290-801-A01

  • TESTIA-Elasticity-tool

    Elasticity Tool

    Easy and quick honeycomb panels integrity checker for assuring structural safety of AC (former ELCH tool)

    Vacuum generator device for an easy one-handed detection of disbonding by measuring the elasticity on both sides of honeycomb panels.

    Referenced on NTM 51-10-26-220-801-A01 for A318 to A321