Chemical Testing

Expertise in fluids analysis that meets AMM requirements

Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Canadair, Fokker & Cessna trust us for hydraulic fluids, engine oil and kerosene analysis samples

Our capabilities

• AMM Airbus & ATR – Hydraulic fluids:
– Water content, chlorine content, acidity index, electrical conductivity, density, kinematic viscosity, solid particle count.
• AMM Boeing Analysis – Hydraulic fluids:
– Visual,water content, acidity index, density, kinematic viscosity, solid particle count.
• AMM Canadair Analysis – Hydraulic fluids:
– Visual, water content, chlorine content, total acid number

We advise you on

• Hydraulic fluids, Engine oil contamination by Fuel.
• Engine oil contamination by Hydraulics fluids.
• Particle nature in Hydraulic fluids, Fuel and Lubricants by FTIR and SEM.
• Fluid/seal compatibility.
• To carry out further analysis.
• To support you to setting up your own lab.

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