About us

Your end-to-end structure integrity partner

Testia is an Airbus company with 30 years of experience in aerostructure inspections and non-destructive testing. Thanks to its global presence with facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, Testia can provide worldwide services and a global solution to the industry needs.

With a unique range of NDT products and services, Testia is the end-to-end aerospace NDT provider. It offers a broad range of NDT and quality inspection equipment for quick and efficient analysis of structures, components and assembly. Testia also trains and qualifies personnel in all NDT methods, at all qualification levels, as well as provide inspections, consultancy and engineering services.

Our mission

We make Flying safe

Our vision

Become the aerospace reference in structural integrity

Our values






Our commitment to continuous improvement

Our quality policy

Each year, the Testia management agrees on a set of essential goals and publishes them as part of a quality policy document.

These essentials focus on improvements for our customers, employees and shareholders. Furthermore, they reflect the continuous improvements we undergo to fulfil regulatory requirements and maintain our accreditations.

Our ESG policy (environment, social & governance)

To lead Testia into a sustainable future, the management has set clear goals for improving on safety, integrity and social & environmental responsibility.

Starting 2024 we launch a 3-year roadmap for this sustainability strategy: It is effective for all worldwide Testia entities and everywhere we carry out our business activities.

Our network

Testia has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors. Find the full list of our sites and distributors on our contact page.

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