NDTkit UT

    Safe decision making by automated analysis and reporting of plenty UT data sources

    Automated software for processing high-volumes of data from various ultrasonic instruments.


    NDTkit RT

    Customizable automated processes for reliable and repeatable analysis at high cadences of RT work

    NDT Kit RT is a software for radiography image analysis, with a set of configurable and automated processes for industrial applications. Now your team can have access to a better analysis, adapted processes for a real work optimization on both industrial and laboratory volume level.

  • TESTIA-remote-assistance

    Remote Assistance

    Secured, On-site expert support for real time problem solving

    TESTIA Remote Assistance is a browser-based application for real-time expert quality assurance. A confidential channel for fast collaborative resolution
    of sensitive Aerospace inspection issues.

  • Smart Mixed Reality in action

    Smart Mixed Reality

    Push your efficiency by enhanced reality

    Smart Mixed Reality opens a new stage of technical developments into the manufacturing, inspection and maintenance performance. This application obtains an interactive and digital exchange of work instructions between engineering departments and shop floors. (more…)