Asset Manager

Simplified, faster and high-end management of your maintenance activities through a dedicated 3D model.

One integrated cloud solution providing a single access to several key information sources for all the actors involved in maintenance, that proposed follow-up upkeep by recording, assessing, monitoring and reporting structural damages precisely on the asset digital twin.

AssetManager is an adaptation of Airbus’ eTech 3D Repair for any other assets and structures (digital mock-up required); except for large commercial aircrafts.

Learn more about the features in this interview with the product owners.

Technical Specs

  • OS: Windows 10 & iOS
  • Browsers: Chrome & Firefox (for admin website)
  • Unity based for 3D asset models
  • Requires internet connection
  • Required asset DMU (CAD files) for customization

Application notes:

EndtoEnd Delamination Assessment by B1 Mechanics” (external link to

Aide à la caractérisation de délaminages sur composites aéronautiques” (external link to