A unique and mobile technology for a quick NDT inspection with Active Thermography.

About the Gecko

Description of possible damage: Detection, location and sizing of SRM Repairs on the Outer Surface of Honeycomb Structures as per Airbus NTM55-40-50.


    inspection with Active Thermography

Key features

■ Working principle: Use of active thermography for the reliable detection of delaminations, water inclusions (NTM51-10-25), SRM Repairs (NTM55-40-50), etc…
■ Especially able to run inspection on vertical structures.
■ Easy to operate. Not extensive training.
■ Short measuring times.
■ Pre-Set Inspection parameters for GFRP and CFRP.
■ Operator and professional versions available.
■ Indoor and outdoor application.

TESTIA offers you

■ IRGecko or C-Check Professional
■ Conformity Certificate
■ Calibration and yearly re-calibration (done by AT)
■ Repair service
■ Spare parts
■ Training with certificate