The ultrasonic analysis software

Ultis, an NDTkit product line software

Developed by AIRBUS Group Innovations, supported by TESTIA.
An innovative software package dedicated to non-destructive testing, ultrasonic data analysis and automated diagnosis.

  • Ultis

    Ultis Software Application

Main Benefits

■ Spreads a common diagnosis tool even if using various ultrasonic instruments (multi-formats* => interoperability).
■ Provides diagnosis tools which always comply with composite quality requirements (especially those from AIRBUS).
■ Automates analysis process as much as possible in order to reduce human factor & save time**.
■ Assesses the possibility to read data during decades.

Examples of applications

■ Composite components: characterization of delaminations, foreign bodies, disbondings, wrinkles, porosity, unacceptable thicknesses…
■ Metallic components: characterization of cracks & voids in semi-products (billets, rods, bars, etc.), welding & brazing , corroded areas, disbondings, unacceptable thicknesses…
■ Other: transducers characterization & verification, acoustic microscopy on electronic chipsets…

Features examples

■ Image processing: units conversion, colour palettes management, C-scan post-processing, 3D data management, layouts, masks & selections, statistic tools.
■ Signal processing: A-scans gating & amplifying, compressing, cross-sections (B-scans), frequency domain computations.
■ Automatic tools: defects detection, sizing, locating and grouping; porosity characterization; contours detection; thickness measurements; macro mode & reporting.

* Compatible data formats: Areva IntelligeNDT, Extende, Clemessy, GE, M2M, Metalscan, Midas-NDT, Mistras, Olympus, Sepema, Sonatest, Tecnatom, USL, … but also standard pictures format (BMP, JPEG & TIFF).

** Very fast return on investment with semi-automatic or automatic scanning machines (e.g. X-Y manual scanners, gantries, robots, … with conventional squirters or air-coupled TTU, single channel or phased array pulse-echo, laser UT facility, etc.).