ET Eddy Current Testing

Testia provides ET Eddy current Testing Training

A NDT method Used to control electrical conductive metal to detect cracks, to measure conductivity and thickness.

Testia provides general and specific training in the method for level 1, 2 or 3 certification under norms EN 4179 :

General Training
Level 1 : FG ET 1
Level 2 : FG ET 2
Level 3 : FG ET 3
Specific Training
Level 1 : FG SP 1
Level 2 : FG SP 2
Level 3 : FG SP 3
  • ET Eddy current testing

    General training

  • ET Eddy current testing

    General training

  • ET Eddy current testing

    General training

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People concerned

Every people beginning in the method wishing taking the certification level 1 or every people with experience in the method and who want taking the certification level 2 or Level 3 under norms EN 4179.


Level adviced: leaving certificate.


■ To prepare at specific training of aerospace sector (SP1) in the method.

■ To know the field of application of the method and the limits.

■ To assimilate the theorical knowledge necessary to a control.

■ To be able to verify, to set and use the equipment with an operational mode.

■ To be able to interpret and classify indication.


ET Eddy current testing ndt general training

■ Theorical training given in classroom with book and multimedia and in laboratory for the field works.

■ Each student has a workstation equipped for practical work.

■ Permanent presence of an experienced trainer.