Mechanical testing services

Full services of Mechanical testing

In partnership with AIRBUS Group, TESTIA offers a full Service of mechanical testing.


    Digital image correlation: Z-Displacement mapping

Full services of Mechanical testing services Including :

■ Turn-Key Test

From a test request definition of the test concept, test set-up integration, test performance & test result delivery.

■ Carpet Tests

– Corrosion Effect to ASTM F1110: corrosion behavior from carpet in contact with metal parts.
– Dimensional Change to DIN EN 986: determination of dimensional changes of carpets due to the effects of varied water and heat conditions.
– Electrostatic Discharge to TN-ESK/026/99 and TN-ESK/021/99: verification of carpet electrostatic properties to avoid/minimize electrostatic charging.
– Mass per Unit Area to ISO 8543: compliance of a carpet mass per unit area to the specifications of an A/C program.
– Thickness to ISO 1765: compliance of the carpet thickness to specifications of an A/C program.
– Wear Resistance Test to ISO 9352: resistance of the carpet surface to wear by abrasive wheels.
– Peel Resistance Test to ISO 4578: bonding properties (peel resistance behavior) of a carpet.
Test for partial separation during flight (e.g. carpet waves) and floor panel damage (e.g. delamination during carpet removal).

Peel Resistance Test for mechanical Testing
Peel Resistance Test
Electrostatic Discharge for Maechanical Testing
Electrostatic Discharge

■ Structures Test Engineering

– from a test request, definition/validation of the test concept.
– from a test request, definition/validation of the test rig.

■ Structures Test Set-up

Design & consultation (hydraulics, pneumatics, control & data acquisition systems).

■ Structures Test Performance

Test performance on specific test benches (compression-shear,loading, 5 MN capacity,…).

■ Virtual Pre-Testing

Modelling of test set-up (built-up DFEM for test specimen and load introduction), run of FE analysis & analyse of results.

■ Structures Test Specimen Design

Definition & design of test specimen.

■ Equipment Calibration

Calibration of load cells.

■ Impact Test

– Impact up to 90 joules.
– According to DIN EN ISO 6603-1 Method A.
– Evaluation according to DIN EN ISO 6603-1 Method A and AITM 1-0057 Issue 2.

■ Consulting

– Test plan definition.
– Strain gauging.
– Test laboratory Airbus standard upgrade.