Agility and motivation on a Saturday morning

Testia in cooperation with Airbus MP&T and Premium Aerotec Nordenham

Test coupons before (left) and after (right) testing
Test coupons before (left) and after (right) testing

Saturday morning in Nordenham, northern Germany – exceptionally, five motivated employees are in the factory even on a weekend: Frank Kreidel (Testia Bremen) and his colleagues from Premium Aerotec and Airbus MP&T produced coupons to test the performance of solid rivets. To do so, they need an IPAC riveting machine. But it is busy with serial production from Monday to Friday, so the only available time slot was at the weekend.

The extra work takes the Airbus single aisle de-risking program a huge leap forward. It is necessary for this program to qualify a second source for aluminium alloy solid rivets to ensure future ramp-up. These new rivets are being tested in a dynamic procedure – the production of the coupons was the first step.

Quality and durability of the solid rivet depends on a vareity or parameters. A comparison only by product standard and technical specification is not sufficient. Therefore, the dynamic test program compares rivets from the existing supplier and from the potential new one, using the produced test coupons.

The commitment of the team payed off: Production was successfull, so the coupons can be handed over to the Airbus testing department ESCMTC.

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