Elasticity Laminate Checker

A unique technology for a quick inspection of honeycomb sandwich structures with FRP layers and honeycomb core.
Description of possible damage: Disbond between FRP layers and honeycomb core and Fracture of honeycomb core.

  • ELCH

    Elasticity Laminate Checker

Key features

Working principle: Use of vacuum to load the inspection area and measure the
resulting deformation allows detecting disbonding and other flaws reducing the
Especially able to detect rear side debonding.
Easy installation with one-handed operation.
Operates solely with compressed air.
Indoor and outdoor application.

Testia offers you

■ ELCH BT-100_V2 Kit
■ Airbus Group Conformity Certificate
■ Calibration and yearly re-calibration
■ Repair service
■ Spare parts
■ Training with certificate – eLearning course available !