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world training engineering test-services consultancy NDT-products
TESTIA in the World

02 March 2015

We are pleased to welcome you on our stand Q71 hall 7.3 for the JEC COMPOSITE show, march 10.11.12 - Porte de Versailles - Paris

10 December 2014

Testia GmbH is now active in Stade. Thanks a lot to our customers and colleagues for celebrating our debut with us last Friday!

05 December 2014

Testia GmbH is now present in Stade! On Friday, 5th of December 2014, the debut will be celebrated with customers, colleagues and friends

Die Testia GmbH ist nun auch in Stade vertreten! Der offizielle Einstand wird am Freitag, den 5. Dezember 2014 mit Kunden, Kollegen und Freunden gefeiert

01 December 2014

Didier Simonet,  NDT EXPERT/TESTIA FRANCE CEO is pleased to announce that NDT EXPERT becomes TESTIA France from 1st January 2015.

~Our offer is now based on the strength of an international group

25 November 2014

TESTIA France team is pleased to welcome you for the AEROMART in Toulouse, december 2-4

04 November 2014

TESTIA ASIA PACIFIC Team is pleased to welcome you on booth 228 for the MRO ASIA Aviation week show, november 4.5.6 - SingEx - Singapore 

02 October 2014

TESTIA GMBH celebrates 1st anniversary
We would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and supporters for the trust in us and hope we will further proceed in our relation.
Currently we have 20 colleagues and we are encouraged to ensure your satisfaction by means of highly-motivated colleagues and would like to thank you for the great collaboration during the past year.

30 September 2014

We are pleased to welcome you on our stand B7 floor 3 for the 11th ECNDT 2014 in Prague. October 6-10 2014 Prague Congress Centre.

29 September 2014

Our partner MTC (Material Testing Center), Testia distributor of our NDT equipment and solutions , was exhibiting at ControlTech in Poland, and successfully introduced Smart NDT Tool  latest version VMAX, all details on

04 July 2014

1 st of July, TESTIA Asia Pacific is now on line operational on behalf of AIRBUS Group Singapore LTe. 
Steven Crummack coming from AIRBUS Customer Services , accredited Level 3 in eddy Current, Thermography, Ultrasonic referenced both BINDT and COSAC, becomes Head of Training,examination & Services  for TESTIA Asia Pacific based in Singapore and is setting up locations and equipments for training & services.

26 June 2014

Together with  our distributor MTC, Krakow, Poland, Testia has been kindly invited by the AERONET organization in Rzeszow, Poland to participate  in the Aviation Valley meeting to introduce Testia activities worldwide. Amongst other major actors from the worldwide aircraft industry, it was a real opportunity to promote Testia ndt solutions and associated services. Specific highlight was made on our successful Ultis software, but also SMART NDT TOOL new version recently launched and MiRA as well for augmented reality have been briefly introduced.

17 June 2014

NDT EXPERT México is delivering its 1st PT line for Southwest Galnik in Querétaro for production applications on the 1st week of June. This PT line is able to process parts of 2 m long

26 May 2014

All TESTIA - NDT EXPERT France team thanks all those who came to COFREND Days 2014

24 April 2014

TESTIA - NDT EXPERT will be exhibitor at the next COFREND days Bordeaux - "Palais des Congres" 20 th to 22nd May 2014 ... 
We will be proud to present our latest innovations, based on our experience in the aerospace NDT. Come and discover our products during this event !! The TESTIA team 

04 April 2014

News from our spanish subsidiary ENSIA SPAIN : Three training courses running, UT 2, MT 1, PT1

17 March 2014

The launch of ULTIS version 3 is running
Watch the video here :

26 February 2014

Our partners trust us. COMPOSITE INTEGRITY now uses Ultis for his studies.
Ultis the innovative software package dedicated to Non-Destructive Testing, ultrasonic data analysis and automated diagnosis.

19 February 2014

News from our Mexican subsidiary : TESTIA - NDT EXPERT México is now certified AS9100 / ISO 9001 ; Congrats !

12 December 2013

Our partners trust us! Sonaca, based in Belgium , a major aero-structures manufacturer, has just selected our software Ultis !
Ultis is the most advanced software package dedicated to Non-Destructive Testing, ultrasonic data analysis and automated diagnosis,

02 December 2013

Ultis is now able to load data acquired with the software Winscan of Metalscan . This new compatibility makes our software more universal, since it was already able to process data from Smart NDT tools (TESTIA), Omniscan & Focus (Olympus), Nuscan (GE), Midas (Tecnatom), Rapidscan (Sonatest),  Multi2000 (M2M), Zeus software (MIDAS NDT UK) .
Main benefit are: 
- capitalization of advanced analysis features whatever the acquisition instrument/software is, 
- harmonization of the diagnosis process 
- cost savings on operators training

13 November 2013

EADS promotes services and training in aeronautics in Spain with the launch of Ensia

EADS, through its group of companies Testia, has launched a new technology project in Spain, which means the creation of the company Ensia. The company will carry out non-destructive testing, consulting, inspection and training in the Spanish aeronautical sector.

Ensia, which just opened its office in San Sebastian de los Reyes in Madrid, Spain, has also signed an agreement of partnership with Tecnatom, a Spanish company leader in this sector. This positions itself as a market leader in this segment and promotes the technological development and capabilities of the aeronautical sector.

"The work we do is vital to the industry and helps to improve the competitive position of the industry in Spain," said Vicente Cortés, CEO of Ensia.

Testia Group is part of the EADS group, and it has over 20 years experience in the field of non-destructive testing and training.

06 November 2013

Thank all of you for the wishes along the opening of ENSIA EXPERT SPAIN the 4th November in Madrid and that so much of you were able to join us during this event

29 October 2013


TESTIA launches Asia-Pacific Non-Destructive Testing services provider

First center in the region for Non-Destructive Testing aerospace services

Comprehensive scope of services


 The company will be located in Singapore.

28 October 2013

Newport training school will help keep us safe in the air

23 October 2013

TESTIA will exhibit at Aviation Week’s annual MRO Asia Conference & Exhibition, October 29-31, 2013 at Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. The company will appear at booth 635.

03 October 2013

Testia launches German Non-Destructive Testing services provider  
•  Bremen-based  TESTIA  GmbH  will  be  the  first  company  of  its  type  in Germany, to provide the full spectrum of NDT services and expertise
•  Offering to include bespoke NDT training, engineering services, inspection services, consultancy, NDT products & tools, research and development
•  Offering the full NDT service spectrum will significantly increase the quality of services provided  
•  More than 40 new jobs to be created over five years  
Bremen,  2  October  2013  –  TESTIA  an  EADS  company,  today  launched  TESTIAGmbH,  specializing  in  aerospace  Non-Destructive  Testing  (NDT)  services  and training.
TESTIA GmbH will share its headquarters with Airbus operations in Bremen, and will be the only company in Germany to offer the full spectrum of NDT services, training and expertise, including:
•  EN4179/NAS410 compliant training  
•  Special training on NDT manufacturing and service processes  
•  Engineering services
•  Manufacturing and service inspectors  
•  Equipment sales, services & training
•  NDT consultancy and Level 3 services
•  NDT tools, including reference standards and other accessories
TESTIA  GMBH  will  take  over  NDT  training  from  Airbus,  to  train  engineers  and technicians according to EN4179/NAS410 standards, with Airbus continuing to act as the  accreditation  body.  The  training  school  in  Bremen  is  the  biggest  of  its  kind  in Germany, as well as the only one to offer Level 1, 2 and 3 training across all NDT areas including:
•  Ultrasonic
•  Eddy Current
•  Film Radiography  
•  Non-Film Radiography (from Q2 2014)
•  Penetrative Testing
•  Magnetic Particle Testing
•  Thermography Testing

The German National NDT Board (NANDTB) approved training school, formerly part of Airbus, has a strong, established reputation in Germany. It is expected that more than 400 engineers and inspectors will be trained there in the first year, with a 10% increase planned for the following years.
Several  partnerships  are  expected  to  cover  the  increased  training,  services  and
inspections  requirements,  including  cooperation  with  APPLUS,  a  global  aerospace and industrial NDT provider.  
TESTIA  GmbH  will  also  take  an  active  role  in  NDT  tools  and  equipment  sales, including related training and services. Testia will act as a distributor for “niche” NDT equipment  developed  by  EADS  Innovation  Works  (e.g.  Ultis,  Smart  NDT  Tool), Airbus  (e.g.  Online  Maintenance  Assistance,  OMA)  and  by  other  business  units.
Furthermore, Testia will act as a distributor and services provider for other equipment and tools suppliers who do not have their own distribution networks. For some tools, such as CFRP reference standards, guiding device and other accessories, TESTIA GmbH will work closely with the manufacturing specialist Premium Aerotec.
It is envisaged that TESTIA GmbH will expand beyond its current location, to a new
Centre  for  Eco-efficient  Materials  &  Technologies  (EcoMaT).  Planning  work  has already  started  for  the  centre,  which  will  consolidate  the  engineering  capabilities provided  by  Airbus  in  the  field  of  Material  &Processes  in  one  location.  In  the  first instance,  TESTIA  GmbH  will  occupy  600m2 of  the  centre,  housing  high  tech laboratories,  training  facilities  and  modern  offices,  with  an  option  to  expand  as necessary in the future. TESTIA GmbH will be the second largest industrial company on site after Airbus, and is expected to move to the new facilities by late 2015 with its planned 20 to 30 employees.
Denis Gardin, Head of EADS New Technology Ventures and President of TESTIA,
said:  “Against  the  background  of  increased  use  of  composites  in  aero  structures, more stringent airframe inspection requirements and increasing numbers of aircraft in service, TESTIA provides a global solution in aerospace non-destructive inspection, services and R&D.”
“The opening of Testia in Germany enables us to support our customers directly, on
site,  with  first-class  NDT  services.  Although  the  core  business  here  is  also  non-destructive testing, Testia is aiming to expand its activities within the range of other quality-related topics and in relation to the NDT products.”
Holger Speckmann, CEO of TESTIA GmbH said: “TESTIA GmbH will provide world-class quality NDT services and training for OEMs (e.g. Airbus, Astrium, Eurocopter, Cassidian,  Premium  Aerotec,  etc.)  and  other  manufacturers,  as  well  as  for  MROs and OEM suppliers. The Bremen site is the starting point for its German operations,but other locations will follow in the future, providing NDT services where they are needed,  as  close  as  possible  to  our  customers’  facilities.  We  are  expecting  other TESTIA GmbH operations to be launched across Germany in the very near future.”  
“In  addition,  TESTIA  GmbH  will  provide  expert  consultancy  services  to  companies worldwide, and has already started discussions in the United Arabian Emirates and the Middle East. Furthermore the extension of the Testia business to the US will be driven by TESTIA GmbH together with other TESTIA groups.”
TESTIA is an EADS company with over 20 years of experience in Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing and Training. TESTIA Services is divided into six departments:
•  Training  
•  Engineering  
•  In-service inspections
•  Manufacturing  
•  Consultancy  
•  NDT products for the aerospace sector
Through a range of strategic partnerships, TESTIA provides worldwide services and a global solution to meet industry needs.
Holger Speckmann         
Email:    Tel: +49 421 538 4823                 

17 September 2013

Testia Spain is pleased to announce the launch of the first Lv-II UT training course at its facilities in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid.

With this course, from the 16th to September 27th, Testia Spain initiates its journey  in the NDT training field hoping to cover a need in the Spanish aerospace  industry.

04 September 2013

Aerospace firm Testia aims to train 1,400 in Newport

03 September 2013

Newport,  03 September 2013

TESTIA (, an EADS company, today officially launched TESTIA Ltd, a new company specializing in Non-Destructive Testing and Training in Aerospace.

TESTIA Ltd, based at the EADS Newport campus in Newport, South Wales, is aimed at meeting the future needs of the global aerospace industry by training a new generation of highly-skilled young engineers. It expects to be training up to 1,400 students a year within six years. They will achieve National Aerospace Board qualifications in Non Destructive Testing methods and processes, aimed at ensuring the consistent quality and integrity of aerospace industry materials, components and products (the aircraft or spacecraft) during manufacture and operation worldwide.

In partnership with Caparo, a worldwide leader in the supply of NDT services and materials testing which will provide existing trained staff in support of the Newport operation, the company will also offer UK NDT Board approved apprenticeships for school leavers. The scheme will comprise both on-site (classroom) and on-the-job (aerospace manufacturing or flight maintenance) training. This will ensure a correct entry point for those who wish to pursue a career as a professional NDT practitioner in Aerospace and create those resources to maintain our product quality levels in the future.

Wales First Minister, Carwyn Jones, Ian Risk Head of EADS Innovation Works UK and Denis Gardin President of TESTIA launched TESTIA Ltd, the first UK facility to combine bespoke NDT training, research testing of new aerostructure composites, and expert aerospace NDT consultancy services for engineering and manufacturing companies.

The First Minister said: “I’m very pleased that with the support of the Welsh Government EADS has been able to further enhance its economic footprint in Wales. TESTIA’s state of the art facility will service all EADS companies worldwide, including Cassidian, one of our key anchor companies. 

“TESTIA is another example of both our and EADS’ commitment to strengthening the Welsh economy. Not only will the company create around 60 jobs over five years and train hundreds of people a year in specialist skills, it will also promote Wales as a great place for innovative, high-tech businesses to thrive.”

A £1.4 million investment, with support from the Welsh Government, it is expected to provide 60 new jobs at Newport after five years. As well as trainers and hands-on inspectors these will include high level engineers, available as consultants, capable of expert scrutiny of aircraft and writing NDT processes for the industry.

Denis Gardin, Head of EADS New Technology Ventures and President of TESTIA, said: “Against the background of increased use of composites in aerostructures, more stringent airframe inspection requirements and increasing numbers of aircraft in service, TESTIA provides a global solution in aerospace non destructive inspection, services and R&D.

“By opening a TESTIA company in the UK, we are addressing a potentially serious problem in the global aerospace industry by augmenting an ageing population of engineers with young, highly-skilled persons who will progress to fill those expert roles in the future. Aerospace NDT is the area with the most significant growth rate in the last 10 years and clearly defined future growth.”

Brian Hall, CEO of TESTIA Ltd said “TESTIA Ltd in Newport will cover the all the UK divisions of Airbus, Astrium and Eurocopter plus, of course, a very large aerospace supplier and operator community. From a state-of-the-art NDT training and research facility at Newport the complete range of services will be available to all EADS personnel, plus those companies which manufacture and support components into the aerospace industry and those who operate the products worldwide. We also appreciate the support given to Testia by the leading companies in NDT Inspections Products. Our Training School will feature courses using the latest equipment from our own EADS Innovation Works, GE, Olympus, Rohmann, SREM, Midas, Baugh & Weedon, Wardray, Phoenix and Sonatest. All these companies have actively contributed in the creation of the facility”

“In addition, TESTIA will provide apprenticeships, graduate training and internships for those wishing to pursue careers in aerospace NDT. Expert consultancy services will also be available to companies worldwide.”


TESTIA is an EADS company with over 20 years of experience in the field of Non-Destructive Testing and Training in Aerospace. TESTIA Services are divided into six departments:

  • Training
  • Engineering
  • In service inspections
  • Manufacturing
  • Consultancy
  • NDT products for aerospace

Through a set of strategic partnerships, TESTIA provides worldwide services and a global solution to the industry needs.

22 July 2013

Another step ahead by TESTIA – NDT EXPERT for innovating NDT processes:
As a team work with Airbus and EADS IW, TESTIA - NDT EXPERT offers now a robotized solution for UT Phased Array with MITO industrial ndt equipment at TECHNOCAMPUS EMC2, Bouguenais. This unique system gives possibilities for faster scanning and automized UT data diagnosis using Ultis software. Definitely a serious option to consider when considering ramps up in aircraft programs coming ahead !