LEVEL III Consultancy Services Non-Destructive Testing and Chemical

The Level III Consultancy Services is oriented toward the application of Special Processes regulations : the core of its skills is focused on NDT and Chemical Processing.

Training and qualification certifications of NDT inspector certified to EN 4179 / NAS 410




Level III Consultancy Services

Improve your performance :

■ Select Method and Technique for a Specific Inspection

We help you to select method and technique for a specific inspection as well as to prepare and verify the adequacy of procedures in the qualified method.

■ Method and technique

■ Audit Preparation

To provide:
– internal or external audits on NDT activity for production line and maintenance.
– accreditations Pre-audit for NADCAP for non-destructive testing activity on production line.
Initial and re-accreditation audit to PRI NADCAP (PRI organization)

■ Process Approval NDT Procedures & Techniques

You have the capability to check and approve Non-Destructive Testing procedures and work instructions from Aeronautic and Spatial standards.

■ Audit according to NADCAP Audit Checklist

■ Responsible Level III Services