Consultancy Services Non-Destructive Testing and Chemical Processing

The Consultancy Services is oriented toward the application of Special Processes regulations : the core of its skills is focused on NDT and Chemical Processing.

Its main activity is to support the NDT sub contractors and main contractors to improve the quality of their process by following properly the national / international set of requirement. More than 100 companies are taking benefit of the knowledge and experience of our team, acting as Level 3 Auditors for the preparation of NADCAP accreditation.

■ LEVEL III Consultancy Services





Chemical Processing Services

■ Audits

■ Preparation for NADCAP accreditation :
initial and re-accreditation follow-up audits. Our Service will support your company for each steps of the accreditation preparation, and will make easy the good understanding of PRI NADCAP requirements.

■ Technologies

■ Our Services may help you to take a decision about surface treatment technologies, Testing methods, or equipment.

■ On-the-job training and operator’s evaluation : thickness inspectors, bath and treatment operators…