Digital Radiography software

The NDTkit product line software for X-ray analysis

NDTkit RT is a software benefiting from the Ultis kernel which is dedicated to radiographic image analysis. It offers a set of tools and filtering processes to assist RT operators in finding relevant flaws.

  • Profile Curves

  • Manual IQI Checking

  • Histogram

  • Database Management

  • Defect sizing and image comparison

  • Automatic IQI Checking

Data Management:

The software can open many common file formats including DICOM, DICONDE and TIF. The standard DICOM database architecture can also be used to store the acquired shots on your servers, so the NDTkit RT is able to interface with it to display your images.


NDTkit RT offers robust manual and automatic tools that can be procured in three categories: Operator assistance (Image display optimization, Profile curves, Automatic IQI checking), Data processing (Matching tools, Edge detection, Image filtering, Merging, Arithmetic operations), Flaw revelation (Defect detection, Specific measurement, Measurements exporting to Excel).


All the software’s tools can be called sequentially and automatically, allowing a reduction in processing time and human error. Automation can be designed, saved and re-called at any time to fit any part’s flaw revelation needs.


Reporting can be performed faster since NDTkit RT can directly write the automation results into a template that can be designed in Doc, Docx or Excel format.


Do you have Python skills? Thanks to the integrated API, you can develop your own tools to be directly recalled by NDTkit RT. You can benefit from all the capabilities of the software and develop specific tools to resolve your specific issues.

NDTkit RT tutorial

 Download NDTkit RT here.