Testia re-invents the wheel probe: The new EasyWheel

EasyWheel front left viewIntroducing a multitask phased array scanning device for effortless heavy duty inspections

Testia, an Airbus company, presents its newest product innovation for non-destructive testing: EasyWheel. This phased array scanning device offers an innovative wheel probe concept, thanks to its ergonomic design and intuitive handling. It is a healthy solution for the user, flexible and reliable for multiple use cases, and provides time and cost savings.

The new wheel probe is launched during MRO Europe in Amsterdam from 19th to 21st October 2021. Meet Testia at booth 6031 for a demonstration and hands-on try-out of EasyWheel.

Testia’s product developers paid minute attention to the details and engineered an inspection device that goes the extra mile in terms of usability: EasyWheel introduces an innovative ergonomic case design, quick switching of different wheel probes, easy and intuitive device handling, automatic pressure management of the wheel tire, and even more features.

Enhanced Ergonomics: You will never want to put the EasyWheel away

The thoughtful case design is the main aspect that sets EasyWheel apart from other wheel probes. The device is devised as an extension of the user’s arm: The grip is comfortable yet secure, while all control buttons can be reached single-handedly without repositioning. The handle is connected to the wheel probe with a moveable axis, which enables flexible handling regardless of the angle and curvature of the inspected surface.

EasyWheel right viewEasyWheel front viewEasyWheel left view

Seamless switching of wheels: One body, multiple probes

Instead of carrying around several devices for different use cases, EasyWheel allows for rapid probe switching within just a minute by unscrewing four screws and one nut. The body is compatible with multiple phased array probes: Choose between 32- and 64-array wheels for 10; 5; 2,25 or 1 MHz. EasyWheel comes in a robust transport case that includes all the accessories and tools for quick and easy dis- and reassembly. All this enables users to travel light and work quickly instead of purchasing and carrying a large amount of equipment.

wheel probe with adjustable 3-point roller systemAccurate adjustment to the scanning surface

The EasyWheel design is based on not just one but three wheel axes: One wheel probe and two carrying wheels. This allows for a stable movement thanks to the 3-point contact on the inspection surface – plus, the height of the probe axis can be adapted to the curvature of the surface. A locking mechanism helps to keep this adjustment in a fixed position, further adding to the superb ergonomics and usability.

More features that put the “easy” into EasyWheel

The advantage of re-designing a device from scratch is that Testia was able to include a whole variety of features and improvements into the innovative case design of EasyWheel. Visit the dedicated EasyWheel product webpage and the product flyer for a full list of features and benefits, for example the hot-swappable laser guiding system and the automatic internal air pressure management.

About Testia

Testia is an Airbus company specialised in Aerostructure inspections and integrity and Aerospace Non Destructive Testing. Thanks to its global presence with facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, Testia can provide worldwide services and a global solution to the industry needs.

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