Testia commits to new sustainability goals

To lead Testia into a sustainable future, the management has declared concrete commitments to a set of sustainability goals. Starting 2024 we launch a 3-year roadmap for this ESG strategy (Environment, Social & Governance): It is effective for all worldwide Testia entities and everywhere we carry out our business activities. Testia’s sustainability goals are grouped in three core areas, which we identified with both our company values and international standards in mind.

Testia CEO David Rottembourg highlights the importance of this long-term perspective to enable a sustainable future:

“The reliable way to ensure a sustainable business is to consider the holistic perspective: What is the impact of our business on the sustainability of the environment and the society? This perspective shall be the basis of both our engagement and our actions as an enterprise.”

A 3-year path with 3 pillars of sustainability

Infographic of the three pillars of Testia's sustainability plan: Safety, Integrity and Social and Environmental responsibilityThe immediate effect of our sustainability campaign is the introduction of detailed 2024 targets that consider a wide range of goals and organizational units. These targets will be the subject of regular reporting to track Testia’s performance within the sustainability roadmap.

The ESG policy document including all targets is available on our quality & accreditations page.

Three central pillars provide a guideline for all of Testia’s sustainability goals: Safety, Integrity, and Social & Environmental Responsibility. They reflect our company values and take into account international standards and guidelines:

Safety – We never compromise on either employees or product safety

Safety is an integral part of Testia’s business portfolio. Consequently we commit to the safety of our products, workplace safety, and data safety & privacy. One example of our goals is to achieve the ISO 27001 standard for information security.

Integrity – We stand for integrity in business, leadership and personal ethics

We keep up our high level of business integrity thanks to our work ethics. We will improve it even further, setting a good example with our leadership, for instance by joining the United Nations Global Compact.

Social & environmental responsibility – We actively participate in improvements for the society and the nature around us

For a healthy business, we will focus on the health of our teams and our environment. We continue to build an inclusive and diverse workplace and will reduce our environmental footprint, in part by working towards fulfilling the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems.

Going the extra mile

With many actions to be taken in 2024 and along the 3-year roadmap, Testia is looking forward to improving its impact in many areas. Regular reports will document the progress of Testia’s sustainability goals – stay tuned for further news!