Did you know: MiRA, Airbus’ augmented reality application, is made available by Testia

SmartMixedReality in action

The Mixed Reality Application (MiRA) by Airbus allows for significant efficiency boost in manufacturing and quality inspections. Under the name of SmartMixedReality (SMR), the solution is also available for customers outside the Airbus group.

Currently, there are more than 2700 MiRA/SMR users in various fields of application. The system has proven its worth: The bracket inspection time on a A380, for instance, can be reduced from 3 weeks to 3 days.

Whether MiRA or SMR – what is the idea behind Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality describes an enhanced form of Augmented Reality. On smart glasses or a tablet PC, CAD models are shown as an overlay of the real environment. In one quick step, a switch to completely virtual reality is also possible.

Furthermore, meta data or work instructions can be implemented according to customer needs. The user device can be a tablet or smart glass (MS HoloLens), depending on the use case.

Use cases

The most important fields of application are component installation and inspection. SMR minimizes the risk of manufacturing errors or damages. During inspection, non-conformities can be detected much quicker and thanks to an integrated reporting function, the reaction time for repairs can be reduced.

One product, different names, same features

The self-developed tool is called MiRA Airbus-internally. For external customers, Testia has delivered the product already since 2016 – at that time under the name SART. By now, it has found its place in the Testia catalog as SmartMixedReality.

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