Periodic checking

To guarantee the quality of Equipment.

■ Periodic check is the way to ensure the equipment quality fulfils the requirements of current standards and all inspections carried out are relevant, in compliance with the specifications of the Customers / Primes.
■ It is carried out using a normative support with gauged and equipment.
■ A Periodic check is supposed to prevent breakdowns and represents a starting point to change obsolete parts from the manufacturers /suppliers.
■ It gives a progress report on the ageing of equipment, thus allowing the follow-up and the forecast of investments.


    For Ultrasound Equipment Periodical Check

Periodic checking On site

■ no immobilization of the equipment
■ no shipping costs
■ no damage
■ No dismantling of the acquisition units from the scanning machines or X-ray cabins

In TESTIA buildings

■ reduced immobilization (1 week maximum)
■ reduced cost (unit price by equipment)

Examples of equipments:

■ Ultrasonic Testing: flaw detectors (conventional/phased array) & thickness gauges, transducers (single Crystal & arrays).
■ Eddy current Testing: flaw detectors & electrical conductivity instruments

■ X-ray testing: tubes, generators, negatoscops
■ Other: on request

The Periodic check carried out by TESTIA

Ultrasound EN 12 668 & ISO 18563
Eddy current ISO 15548
Radiography EN 12 543-2, EN 25 580, EN 12544-2