Additive Manufacturing AM

Non-Destructive and Destructive Testing Services for Additive Manufactured (AM) Components

In the growing market of Additive Manufacturing (AM), more and more complex parts will be 3D printed out of polymer materials and metallic alloys. Testia offers Digital Radiography (RT) and Computed Tomography (CT) inspection techniques to analyze those complex component geometries.
Due to the high information content provided by those techniques, it is possible to yield detailed component dimensions, the presence of abnormalities and defects and finally assess if a part has the requested quality or must be scraped.
Those detailed NDT methods are completed by Penetrant inspection (PT) services, also in use for additive manufactured parts.

Additionally to NDT techniques, Testia also offers a wide range of destructive testing (DT) methods for material characterization. Starting from the single part production to serial production.

  • Additive Manufacturing AM
  • Additive Manufacturing AM
  • Additive Manufacturing AM

    Geometric Deviation Analysis

  • Additive Manufacturing AM

    Thickness Analysis

  • Additive Manufacturing AM

    Bracket RT front

  • Additive Manufacturing AM

    Defect Analysis

We Provide

■ Non-destructive testing according to EN 4179 and NAS 410
■ Destructive testing by accredited (DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025, NADCAP) and/or qualified (Airbus QTML) laboratories
■ Component inspection and evaluation by level 2 engineers (NDT)
■ Reference standards
■ Expertise in developing test procedures
■ Engineering expertise and R&D support
■ Support from testing necessity until component test reports

Our Non-Destructive Testing Methods (NDT)

■ Computed Tomography & Digital Radiography
■ Porosity
■ Cavity
■ Inclusions
■ Spots of unconsolidated powder
■ Powder residues
■ Dimensional measurements
■ Nominal/actual analysis of component geometry
■ Visual Inspection Techniques
■ Penetrant Testing

Our Destructive Testing Methods (DT)

■ Mechanical Tests
– Tensile Testing
– Compression Testing
– Shear Testing
– Hardness Testing
– Bend Testing
– Impact Testing
– Fatigue Testing
■ Metallography
■ Environmental Tests
– Temperature and Humidity
– Thermal Shock
– Vacuum
– Overpressure
– Salt Fog
– Multi Climatic Chamber