Thickness Measurements After Blending Corrosion

The ThicknessTool has been shaped around the combination of the Smart U32 and Ultis.

Qualified according AIRBUS requirements, the ThicknessTool is now the preferred inspection solution for the measurement of the remaining thickness in large blended out areas.

The ThicknessTool is referenced in the NTM procedure 51-10-04B.

  • Thickness Tool

    Thickness measurements after blending corrosion.

  • Thickness Tool

    Thickness measurements after blending corrosion.

ThicknessTool KIT

■ Same UTPA packaging as for corrosion mapping■ All included : Smart U32 Max, Roller Probe Kit with laser guide, Reference blocks (Al2024, Al7150), water spray coupling, ruler, template…


Thanks to its step-by-step procedure guiding, the inspector goes easily through the different steps of the procedure:

■ loading the setup,
■ calibrating the system,
■ adjusting the scan length,
■ performing the acquisition,
■ and edit the report
ttool 15png

The acquisition is made by means of a roller probe, equipped with accurate laser lines to guide the inspector during scan.

ttool 3b petit

Calibration on reference block


The accuracy of ThicknessTool complies to the accuracy criterion +/-0.1mm in a range of 2mm to 20mm thickness

Reference blocks for fuselage skin and wing skin panels inspection are provided and included in the ThicknessTool kit suitcase together with all needed means.


Automatic reporting


■ Finally, the measurement report is available in a few seconds with the Time Of Flight C-scan and table with 10mm x 10mm grid resolution.

■ Inspection time is divided by 20 using the ThicknessTool, including reporting.


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