Online Maintenance Assistance


Online Maintenance Assistance (OMA) is a system for virtual assistance and remote support of industrial services. It was designed to improve the collaboration between mobile engineers and their supporting experts.
OMA uses a highly-secured connection to simplify communication via high-quality live video transmission. It can also be used to remote control NDT equipment and IT devices, create and store snapshots and observe an inspection area and certain equipment at the same time.

  • OMA

    Online Maintenance Assistance

Key features

■ Live Video & Audio.
■ Transfer from 2 video sources simultaneously (Dual-Video).
■ Snapshot and Whiteboard.
■ Multi-User-conferences (up to 10 participants).
■ Remote control/access to complex systems.
■ Browser-based solution (no software installation required).
■ Unlimited user number (mobile worker/Experts).
■ Compatible with low bandwidth (also mobile network 2G).
■ Compatible with all kind of communication networks (WLAN,LAN, 2G, 3G, 4G, Satellite, etc.)
■ High Hardware compatibility (Company Laptops, Notebooks,Tablet-PC, iPad, etc.)
■ High security with encrypted data (HTTPS/SSL Certifi cate).