Testia broadens its training programme with new RT-NF level 1 course in 2020

For radiography testing (RT) one can either classically work with x-ray film or digitally without film material (RT-NF). Due to many requests, Testia Germany now offers a new RT-NF level 1 course, the first one being in February 2020. This adds to our existing portfolio of RT levels 1–3 and RT-NF level 2 trainings. With the new course, we will take a logical step into the future of this method and meet customers’ demands.

One essential part of the course will be a training in the various different RT-NF software solutions. Furthermore, the training benefits from our collaboration with Airbus in terms of x-ray recordings as well as from the hands-on opportunities with our own x|cube™ machine. The new syllabus strictly follows the NANDTB regulations and was developed by our Bremen-based interdisciplinary team of Pawel Pisetzki (NDT Trainer), Michael Hiller (Responsible Level 3) and Hasan Mülayim (NDT Engineer).