Testia Experts: Melvyn Yapo, Working Student (Finance)

In our article series “Testia Experts”, we present short interviews with our employees – the experts that really make Testia what it is. In this issue, Melvyn Yapo explains to us how he became a working student (alternant) at Testia.

Hello Melvyn, could you introduce yourself and describe your job in brief?

My name is Melvyn Yapo, I am 21 years old and I come from Tarbes. I began my higher education at UT1 TSE in Toulouse. I obtained a bac +3 in economics and administration. I am currently doing a Bachelor’s degree in finance, working on a work-study basis at Testia. On a more personal side, I really like sports, cooking and cars.

I am an assistant sales administrator at Testia. Most of the time, I do customer and supplier invoicing. And at the end of each month I do a lot of controlling: I look at our results, I check if the figures match well. The goal of this task is to understand why we have these figures, how we could improve them, if the forecasts are good, etc.

My working student schedule is three days at Testia and two days at school.

How did you find out about the working student program at Testia?

I found the job opening on LinkedIn. I applied to several companies, but I liked the scope of tasks at Testia more. I simply tried my luck – and it worked! I was called and invited to a first interview, where I met the French director of finances as well as the sales administrator and also my tutor. A few days later, they called me back to tell me they wanted to hire me. It was quick, it took only a week and a half in total.

How did you experience your first day at Testia?

I was very happy to arrive at Testia and couldn’t wait to start. I was a little stressed, as normal for a first day. It went really well and everyone kindly welcomed me. That day I didn’t really directly start working on my tasks, but I met my colleagues, discovered the facilities etc.

What did you think of the integration process of working students at Testia?

It also went very well. Generally speaking, I noticed that all new ones have been integrated very well. The older working students introduced us to everyone, together with our tutors. We are a large group of working students who have arrived at the same time, so everything happened naturally.

What qualities should you bring to start working at Testia?

You have to be sociable, be able to talk to people without being afraid. Smiling is very appreciated at Testia, and it can make the difference.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview!

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