Testia Releases New Version of NDTkit UT Software – Faster and More Accurate UT Data Analysis Thanks to Automatization and Customization

Focus on UT diagnosis, while the software helps with the rest.

Testia released version 4 of the ultrasonic testing (UT) data analytics software NDTkit UT. Many new features, automatization capabilities and multi file format support make it the best and most versatile choice for accurate and quick UT analysis.

Highlight Features of NDTkit UT version 4

NDTkit UT offers an outstanding level of support for various UT data file formats. You will only need this one app to analyze data from manifold UT inspection tools from over 20 different manufacturers. We integrated support for more than 40 UT file formats (Evident, Eddyfi, Waygate etc.)! We added support for new instruments like Omniscan X3 and Panther in this latest version 4 of NDTkit UT. Over are the days when you had to carry out the repetitive processing tasks by yourself – NDTkit UT paves the way for faster and more accurate analysis thanks to customization and automatization capabilities of the software. This includes 2D & 3D segmentation, database connection, overthickness detection and many more features. The Pro version allows you to customize the software either via Python scripts or through the software development kit (SDK). Upon request, Testia can offer to develop custom plugins specifically tailored to your needs.

Two licence models available to better meet your needs

One of the major changes in the new NDTkit UT version 4 is that we now offer two license versions of the software to choose from. This way, you may select the appropriate size of you digital NDT analytics toolbox – whether you need the basic features in the Standard version or enhanced and smart functions in the Pro version:

  • The Standard Version provides you with everything that you need for quick and reliable UT data analytics in a basic package.
  • With the Pro Version you can take your processes to the next level with automated analysis assistance! It is dedicated for full-fledged professional use cases that require advanced functions to cope with specific needs.

We’re happy to advise you on which version to choose. Contact the Sales team now for your inquiry.

Feature list of NDTkit UT version 4

The following list provides you with an overview of features that are included in version 4 of NDTkit UT, and which ones are available in the Standard and the Pro version respectively:

Data view & file support

FeatureStandard Version availabilityPro Version availability
More than 40 common file formats
(Evident, Eddyfi, Waygate etc.)
Import of image files
Image to C-scan conversion
CAD files import
3D visualisation of the scanned part
(C-scans / A-scan + 3D projctions feature)
Selection of scan views
(A-scan, multipeaks, C-scan: AMP, TOF, Freq)
Zoom capabilities
(predefined zoom, shortcuts, zoom synchronization)
Synchronised position, values, zoom between different scan views
(A-scan, C-scan, 3D, B-scan)

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FeatureStandard Version availabilityPro Version availability
A-scan smart gate synchronization
(Draw multiple point gates and synchronize them with changing back wall echoes or reference C-scan)
Reference C-scan
(Create synthetic C-scans or integrate fake defects)
C-scans filtering
2D/3D Segmentation
(Let several operators analyze the same part simultaneously)
Backwall echo filter
(Automatically detect defects on flat or slope areas)
Database connection
(Save/load defects coming from your company’s database)
Edge correction
Matching C-Scans
(Comparative analysis of a part with a reference)
Arithmetic operations
(E.g. subtract a C-Scan from a reference C-Scan to highlight defects)
(Assemble several acquisitions, e.g. of the same part)
Backlash correction
Contours automatic detection

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A-scan & C-scan analysis

FeatureStandard Version availabilityPro Version availability
A-scan gating
Select areas on C-scan for analysis
C-scan masks & layouts
Manual defect detection
Automatic defect detection & grouping
Automatic defect detection & grouping around drilled holes
Measurement capability (Distances, angles & surfaces)
Porosity calculation (percentage of porosity in the part is calculated based on amplitude & ToF Cscans)
Thickness Measurements
Automated overthickness detection
(in a selected area of a C-Scan)
Automation mode
(creation of action sequences)

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Additional features

FeatureStandard Version availabilityPro Version availability
Interface Languages: English, French, German, Spanish
User guides (HTML, PDF or API)
Support via the ticketing system
Customize the software (with Python)
Open architecture / SDK
Lience options: Local or network
Operating System compatibility: Windows10, Windows11

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FeatureStandard Version availabilityPro Version availability
Defect tables
Custom screenshots
Automatic file export of results (XLS, DOCX, PDF)

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