Current Safety Measures in Our NDT Training Facilities Bremen

During the pandemic we brought a variety of safety measures into effect to make our NDT training course at Bremen (Germany) as safe as possible for you as participants. Of course, it is very important for Testia to both provide you with the necessary protection while also offering all practical and theoretical course contents in the usual scope and quality.

The courses will take place according to the schedule. Concerning those courses that had been cancelled since March, we will contact you individually to agree upon an alternative course date together.

Update: In June we offer additional courses, which you may find listed below.

Our team has taken all necessary precautions to reduce the risk of infection during training as good as we can. We would like to inform you about these steps:

Safety Measures

  • The maximum size of a course group has been reduced to 8 persons, which also be separated by protective sreens at a distance of 1.5 meters.

  • We provide protective masks for all participants and trainers.

  • All participants will have access to disinfectant. Furthermore, every training room has a washbasin, equipped with soap and disposable paper towels.

  • We increased the cleaning intervals significantly and ensure a proper air circulation in our rooms.

  • The training facilities (classrooms and labs) are separated from the rest of our personnel – on a separate floor in an area dedicated specifically to NDT training.

With these steps we comply with the requirements to securely conduct our training courses. Should you have further, specific requests, please contact us and we will look into implementing those as well.

Status as of 02 June 2020

Additional Courses in June

ET2 / Eddy Current Testing, Level 2: 11.–19 June 2020
ET3 / Eddy Current Testing, Level 3: 22.–26 June 2020

RT2-NF / Radiography Testing (Non-Film), Level 2: 15.–25 June 2020

PT2 / Penetrant Testing, Level 2: 16.–18 June 2020
PT3 / Penetrant Testing, Level 3: 02.–05 June 2020

PAUT2 / Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Level 2: 22.–26 June 2020

MT2 / Magnetic Particle Testing, Level 2: 24.–26 June 2020

(Updated on 04 June 2020)