UK Examination

We provide a wide range of examination services
to ensure clients can meet their certification needs.


We are able to administer all the examinations at the Testia Ltd. Filton, UK facility and also have a global network of approved centres to ensure that you are able to be examined and receive your certification, wherever in the world you are based. Customer based on-site examinations are also available where suitable facilities exist.

Below is an outline of our examinations, including related certification.

EN 4179 AND NAS-410 LEVEL 1 THRU 3

■ Ultrasonic Testing
■ Radiography (testing and interpretation)
■ Eddy Current Testing
■ Infra-Red Thermography composite
■ Visual Testing
■ Penetrant Testing
■ Magnetic Particle Testing
■ Bond Testing
■ Etch Inspection – Steel & Titanium
■ Hardness
■ Conductivity
■ Anodic Flaw Detection

Please enquire with the Testia Ltd facility for more details or if you have a specific examination need.


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