Structure Health Monitoring

SHM is the continuous, autonomous in-service monitoring of the physical condition of a structure by means of embedded or attached sensors (strain gauge, ultrasonic, CVM, FBG…) with a minimum manual intervention.

SHM includes all monitoring aspects related to damages, loads, conditions, etc. on aircraft level, which have a direct influence on the structure. The sources are resulting from fatigue, corrosion, impacts, excessive loads, unforeseen conditions, etc.

Monitoring of structures does not necessarily mean knowing the status of the structure at any time. Moreover, a measurement is triggered when the data are requested for inspection. Structures are designed with margins by which it is demonstrated that, after normal or exceptional events, maintenance tasks can be planned at the next appropriate inspection.

In the field of SHM, Testia is a world-leader solution provider and a major partner to mature technologies and applications.

We Provide

■ Installation of all kind of sensors at supplier facilities (OEMs, Airlines, MROs…) or off-site
– Strain gauges,
– CVM (Comparative Vacuum Monitoring),
– UT,
– FBG,
– …
■ Resell of SMS sensors: CVM technology
■ Protection of sensors against environmental influences
■ Durability testing of sensors
■ Verification & Validation center
■ Sensors repair at supplier facilities (OEMs, Airlines, MROs…) or off-site
■ Sensor data collect and analysis à Predictive Maintenance / Anomaly Detection
■ Detection and monitoring of cracks and debondings with Comparative Vacuum Monitoring (CVM) and CVM “Through-The-Thickness” sensors
■ Periodical check and inspection of MGC systems
■ Consultancy and feasibility studies
■ Training