International skills for Caerdav

An international Testia team inspecting A380 in Caerdav, Wales

In order to serve its customers as best as possible, Testia sometimes pairs up operators / engineers from different countries.
This is a great way to mix-up various skills so as to offer our clients the best of our expertise.

This was the case for an inspection at Caerdav where Dimitrios Batalogiannis from Testia UK and Caroline Fresnais from Testia France both went to Wales to perform inspections on an A318.

While our French expert carried out an Infrared Testing inspection, our UK specialist completed an Ultrasonic Testing inspection.

Besides providing the best quality service to our customer, these inter-TESTIA partnerships are a great way for our staff worldwide to get to know each other. We look forward to multiplying those cooperations more and more in the future!

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