Continuous, autonomous in-service monitoring of the physical condition of a structure

Accomplish minimum manual intervention during the inspection of the structural integrity of aircraft thanks to an all-inclusive structural health monitoring system.

• Get access to all monitoring aspects related to damages, loads and environmental conditions which have a direct influence on a structure.
• Benefit from a wide portfolio of multiple sensors solutions for cracks, delamination or corrosion detection.
• Improve maintenance schedule on big complex assemblies.
• Ensure quality and safety during the structure’s life-cycle (for example aircraft, bridge, wind turbine etc)
• Minimize downtime and avoid costly repairs thanks to better planning and management.
• Reduce operational risk thanks to informed decisions.

Our SHM capabilities:

  • Installation of different kinds of sensors at customer’s facilities (OEMs, airlines, MROs, etc.) or off-site
  • Installation of strain gauges or other sensors (CVM, UT, FBG etc.) on different substrates (metal, composite etc.)
  • Smart sensor solutions with cloud-based machine learning analysis
  • Protection of sensors against environmental influences
  • Execution of tests and measurement
  • Test planning
  • Durability testing of sensors
  • Development and production of special sensors
  • Verification & validation center
  • Sensor data collect and analysis
  • Predictive Maintenance / Anomaly Detection
  • Periodical check and inspection of MGC systems
  • SHM Consultancy and feasibility studies
  • Training for Structural Health Monitoring

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