eTech 3D Repair: the digital health booklet of your fleet by Airbus

As already published in a recent AIRBUS press release, airlines & MRO can now manage damages and repairs for any MSN, thanks to this cloud-based digital solution, developed by Testia. Main features are listed hereafter:

  • Mobility for Mechanics for tablets
  • Quick damage creation with accurate positioning
  • Able to automatically capture info from Airbus tools (LineMap / LineSizing)
  • Visualization through smart 3D models
  • Link to Airbus SRM/ASR from mobile device
  • Concessions from Airbus imported to the system
  • Legacy data and v1.0 data migration
  • Ablte to manage 3D models from other OEMSs

They all contribute to bringing nice benefits to those who maintain the fleets. Indeed eTech 3D Repair:

  • Speed-up damage logging and resolution lead time
  • Reduces turn around time
  • Keeps full records of repairs and allowable damages in a central repository
  • Complies with Authority requirements

In order to contact us to find out more about Testia’s services click on the link below.