The First Non-destructive Thickness Gauge for Paint on CFRP
and Other Conductive Substrates

About FSC1/FSC1000

The microwave-based FSC system measures the thickness of paint and other isolating layers on conductive substrates such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), on CFRP with grid type metallic lightning protection and on metal.

  • FSC 1

    Non-destructive Thickness Gauge

Key features

■ Non-destructive = No damage to the material
■ Measurement time < 1 sec
■ Measurement range:
-FSC1: 0 to 400 μm
-FSC1000: 0 to 1000 μm
■ Easy user calibration
■ Acoustic reception of data via headphones
■ Certified by Airbus
■ Simplifies the measurement process.Saves time and working hours

Functioning principle

■ An antenna radiates and detects an electromagnetic field
■ CFRP is used as one side wall of the resonator
■ Dielectric layers will cause a shift of the cavity resonance frequency
■ A reflection meter which consists of an FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar) module measures the resonant frequency
■ The module sweeps a frequency band in several steps and measures the reflection coefficient
■ A processor calculates the thickness of the layers

Additional features

■ Handy measurement device that can be clipped onto one’s belt
■ Direct display of measured values
■ Usable on CFRP materials with and without ECF (expanded copper foil)
■ Measurement results independent of (permittivity of) layer composition
■ FSC1: low measurement uncertainty of ± 15 µm (95% confidence level)