Ultrasound Video Camera System for Inspection of Composite Materials (CFRP)

DolphiCam is a unique transducer technology with high-performance signaling electronics that creates high resolution 2D and 3D images of suspected damage areas to verify the status of the material. It was designed to help manufacturing and service personnel perform effective QA and develop the best repair strategy for a detected damage.

« The new system will speed up NDT procedures in manufacturing and maintenance and will help the users to save time and money.»
Martin Bach, NDT specialist at Airbus Group Innovations

  • Dolphicam

    Dolphicam Application

Introduction to DolphiCam

■ Fast and image-creating testing of CFRP elements
■ High resolution 2D & 3D video images
■ ~16.000 (124×124) transducer elements
■ A-scan, B-scan (horizontal and vertical) and C-scan
■ Amplitude and Flight-of-Time
■ Effective damage detection
■ Easy handling & user-friendly
■ Usable in manufacturing processes, service matters and repair shops
■ Compact and ergonomic
■ Price competitive

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